Weekly Selection 14 February 2020

The Nobel laureate puts it in plain and palatable terms: the challenge of creating a sustainable global economy is monumental because, if the global economy grows at 3% over the next few years, getting annual CO2 emissions down to 2.5 ...

Weekly Selection 7 February 2020

We had a similar article last week. Worth repeating with this one as the “de-growth” trend - i.e. embracing zero or even negative GDP growth - is gaining traction (at least in the richest countries).

Weekly Selection 31 January 2020

From 1990 to 2008, annual growth in world trade was 82% faster than world GDP growth.

Weekly Selection 24 January 2020

This is almost a month old, but worth posting now and read against the background of what came out of Davos (our subscribers can request our Davos report - it will be available on Monday).

Weekly Selection 17 January 2020

The Morgan Stanley global strategist/author offers 10 predictions for the next decade. Interesting not because of their predictive value, but because they may force us to rethink some assumptions.

Weekly Selection 10 January 2020

This is an in-depth essay about the defining economic and geopolitical issues of our time. It is much longer than our usual selection (reads in more than 30 min) but worth your time.

Weekly Selection 3 January 2020

The economist explains why there are financial risks associated with making the shift to a low-carbon economy (stranded assets) and physical risks tied to inaction (destruction of assets).

Weekly Selection 20 December 2019

This article offers a very simple framework that can be used to identify a possible recession before it hits.

Weekly Selection 13 December 2019

The rise of populist movements and street protests around the world has made inequality a high priority for politicians; but what type of inequality should policymakers tackle?

Weekly Selection 6 December 2019

The famous historian says that Cold War II started in 2019 and that, though the US and China can probably avoid a hot war, it is still a daunting prospect.

Weekly Selection 29 November 2019

This is an interesting take that offers much food for thought on what the world will look like after the trade war - trade truce or not, the current economic struggle between the US and China will be protracted.

Weekly Selection 22 November 2019

To get a precise and rigorous sense of the impact that the current trade war has on the US economy, this column is a must-read.