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Our network and its contingent community is global and diverse (with a presence on every continent) but truly connected. Prominent global families, entrepreneurs and private investors make up more than half its number, with policy and opinion makers, academics and media leaders composing the rest.


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Unless you rely on a trusted curator, it’s easy to get lost in the oversupply of insights provided by quality daily op-eds and articles. Knowing how precious your time is, we limit our selection to just 5 such pieces a week. They are all interesting and worthy of your time and attention but even if only one gives you an insight that prompts you to change your mind about something, or enables you to make an improved personal, strategic or investment decision, your money and time will have been well spent.


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We encourage you to interact and exchange with us - your community. This way, your own ideas and perspectives enrich the conversation, and it is thanks to your engagement that we improve. Bill Gates got it right when he said “We all need people who give us feedback –that’s how we improve.”