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Outdoor Activities

The Monthly Barometer is, to our knowledge, the only advisory boutique in the world to offer its clients the opportunity to work while walking, trekking, climbing or ski-touring. 
There is ample evidence in the scientific literature that walking is a cognitive enhancer. Indeed, the power of walking as a generative force of intellect, awareness, and creativity has been recognized by artists and scientists throughout the ages. Nietzsche even famously said: “All truly great thoughts are conceived by walking”.

In a spirit of putting its money where its mouth is The Monthly Barometer has recently become an investor in Mountain Path, a new venture that trades in experiential learning based on its unique formula of “Learning from altitude”: The solutions offered by Mountain Path reflect perfectly our conviction that the great outdoors has much to share with the world of investment not only in terms of an enhanced decision making environment but also in terms of team and management dynamics.

Outdoor activities

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