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Our Weekly Selections

Weekly Selection
10 July 2020

Narrative economics can help explain the current stock market enigma. Pandemic experts in the US play second fiddle to politics despite emerging evidence of more and varied, serious Covid-19 side effects. High tech and agriculture; the outdoors and education - innovative couplings yielding positive results.
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Weekly Selection
3 July 2020

China poised for pre-eminence while the West‘s ‘precariat’ is seeking a voice. A COVID contagion pattern is emerging. Weak ties can be a source of strong wellbeing, but don’t overlook the benefits of solitude.
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Weekly Selection
26 June 2020

No V in sight for the global economy. Societal despair in the US partly due to a health system sold out to rent seekers. Perhaps telemedicine might help, walking almost certainly can.
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Weekly Selection
19 June 2020

Some corona crisis lessons so far: execution, not ideas, make the difference; China is no longer passive in its positioning for power; activism's coming of age; tourism and architecture set to change.
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Weekly Selection
12 June 2020

Will current outrage over racism, at last, give rise to improved justice? Let's dare to be optimistic. To avoid a second wave of infection the R number must be kept under one - we must rise to the challenge, locally and individually. Taking a run (or a walk) could help.
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Weekly Selection
5 June 2020

How we treat the soil could save the Earth. Can Singapore avoid being caught in the fallout from US-China rivalries and emerge as a vital mediator? Covid-19 is here to stay but the next unicorns will help us learn to live with it. Take a deep breath and read on.
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