“A unique experience combining insights, wellbeing and investible ideas with a focus on the great outdoors.”

Just ended: the Families Summit of Minds took place in Quebec, Canada on
15-17 November, 2019.

Visit the Summit of Minds website for upcoming events.

The annual flagship event of the Monthly Barometer: the SUMMIT OF MINDS took place in Chamonix, France on 20-22 September, 2019

Every year, the Summit of Minds brings together 300 exceptional individuals
(drawn from the Monthly Barometer’s exclusive global network) in an exceptional place to:

- Better understand today’s world and our place in it -
- Get a sense of what tomorrow’s world will be like -
- Enhance our capacity to make better personal, investment and strategic decisions -

We set ourselves some ambitious goals – to inspire our guests with thought-provoking insights, to furnish them with tangible outcomes and to see them walk away from the Summit of Minds with at least:
a new idea | a new friend | a new project

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Programme here

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Summit of Minds ‘conversation’

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Once again, last year, our guests’ response to whether we had succeeded was a resounding “yes”! In 2018, 100% of our participants left Chamonix with a new idea and a new friend. Almost 80% initiated a new project (more often than not, a club-deal).

The Summit of Minds is by invitation only. To request an invitation, please email

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