“A unique experience combining insights, wellbeing and investible ideas with a focus on the great outdoors.”

Just ended: the Families Summit of Minds took place in Quebec, Canada on
15-17 November, 2019.

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The annual flagship event of the Monthly Barometer: the SUMMIT OF MINDS took place in Chamonix, France on 20-22 September, 2019

Every year, the Summit of Minds brings together 300 exceptional individuals
(drawn from the Monthly Barometer’s exclusive global network) in an exceptional place to:

- Better understand today’s world and our place in it -
- Get a sense of what tomorrow’s world will be like -
- Enhance our capacity to make better personal, investment and strategic decisions -

We set ourselves some ambitious goals – to inspire our guests with thought-provoking insights, to furnish them with tangible outcomes and to see them walk away from the Summit of Minds with at least:
a new idea | a new friend | a new project

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Once again, last year, our guests’ response to whether we had succeeded was a resounding “yes”! In 2018, 100% of our participants left Chamonix with a new idea and a new friend. Almost 80% initiated a new project (more often than not, a club-deal).

The Summit of Minds is by invitation only. To request an invitation, please email

Our Weekly Selections

Weekly Selection
22 May 2020

Carmen Reinhart, the Harvard professor who’s just been named chief economist at the World Bank explains why the COVID-born financial crisis will last until the health crisis is solved: “if it’s not over on the disease, it’s not over on the social distancing and the business closures, and therefore it’s not over on the balance sheet effects.
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Weekly Selection
15 May 2020

In the coming post-pandemic years, the global economy will be shaped by three trends: (1) the relationship between markets and the state will be rebalanced, in favour of the latter; (2) this will be accompanied by....
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Weekly Selection
8 May 2020

The President of the Asia Society Policy Institute and former Australian PM explains why both China and the US are likely to emerge from this crisis significantly diminished...
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Weekly Selection
1 May 2020

Gloomy but true! Covid-19 comes at a time when it conflates with ten existing diverse risks that threaten “to fuel a perfect storm that sweeps the entire global economy into a decade of despair”...
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Weekly Selection
24 April 2020

This is a great (albeit long – 20 min+) read to make sense of the overabundant information about Covid-19.
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Weekly Selection
17 April 2020

The fight against the coronavirus won’t be over when countries reopen, and this article explains how they must prepare themselves (it’s about the US but can easily be applied to other countries).
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