“A unique experience combining insights, wellbeing and investible ideas with a focus on the great outdoors.”

NEXT: the Families Summit of Minds will take place in Quebec, Canada on
15-17 November, 2019

The most recent SUMMIT OF MINDS took place in Chamonix, France on
20-22 September, 2019

Every year, the Summit of Minds brings together 300 exceptional individuals
(drawn from the Monthly Barometer’s exclusive global network) in an exceptional place to:

- Better understand today’s world and our place in it -
- Get a sense of what tomorrow’s world will be like -
- Enhance our capacity to make better personal, investment and strategic decisions -

We set ourselves some ambitious goals – to inspire our guests with thought-provoking insights, to furnish them with tangible outcomes and to see them walk away from the Summit of Minds with at least:
a new idea | a new friend | a new project

Visit the Summit of Minds website for more information about upcoming summits and experiential travel.

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Once again, last year, our guests’ response to whether we had succeeded was a resounding “yes”! In 2018, 100% of our participants left Chamonix with a new idea and a new friend. Almost 80% initiated a new project (more often than not, a club-deal).

The Summit of Minds is by invitation only. To request an invitation, please email

Our Weekly Selections

Weekly Selection
15 November 2019

The anthropologist reviews Skidelsky’s “Money and Government: The Past and Future of Economics” – an impressive book that investigates the causes that might explain why the discipline of economics seems no longer fit for purpose.
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Weekly Selection
08 November 2019

We are proud to include this piece that is largely based on a series of encounters that took place at our last Summit of Minds in Chamonix.
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Weekly Selection
1 November 2019

Nouriel Roubini, The Allure and Limits of Monetized Fiscal Deficits, Project Syndicate, October 28, 2019 This is a topic that was widely discussed at the recent IMF Annual Meeting. Roubini argues the following: with the global economy experiencing a synchronized slowdown, any number of tail risks could bring on an outright recession.
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Weekly Selection
25 October 2019

Jeffrey Sachs, Why Rich Cities Rebel, Project Syndicate, October 23, 2019 Why did governments fail to anticipate that a seemingly modest policy action would trigger in three cities that are paragons of economic success (Paris, Hong Kong, and Santiago) a massive social explosion?
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Weekly Selection
18 October 2019

Dion Rabouin, Mainstream economists are getting radical. In a world of slow growth and full of economic anomalies
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Weekly Selection
11 October 2019

Jim Bianco, Central Banks Can't Create Negative Rates by Themselves This article explains in very simple terms why there is more to low yields than monetary policy rates. Two factors that are structural in nature and therefore likely to stay in place
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